Grapefruit and Aperol

I’m a bit writer’s blocked today. I think it might be the cocktail I want to tell you about. It’s like when I’m trying to write a cover letter for a job I really, really want, and instead of having anything productive to say, I just want to type “I LOVE YOU PLEASE HIRE ME I’M GREAT I PROMISE” and send that in.

So it’s a little like that, but in this scenario, this drink is the job, and you’re the interviewer. (It could get worse than peddling craft cocktails.) For a wedding, yes, this cocktail is a bit of a hard sell. You need good-quality grapefruit juice, so you might need two things: 1) a juicer and 2) for grapefruits to be in season. The good news: you could probably make this with a tasty juice from the store (maybe this). And grapefruit juice freezes beautifully. And it’s so good that I promise you, juicing 60 grapefruits will only make you feel a little full of rage. Which the cocktail sampling will make up for.


Pamplemousse cocktail @


Timing: I don’t have an electric juicer, so I can’t really tell you how long that might take (a half an hour for 60 grapefruits? An hour?) However, once you have the juice, it goes pretty quickly. A batch of ten drinks in a half-gallon mason jar should take five or ten minutes, also, so multiply that by how many multiples of ten you need.

Storage: I wouldn’t recommend mixing the drink fully together pre-wedding, since I don’t think that the sparkling wine would stay sparkling for that long. (If anyone proves me wrong, please share.) I would recommend mixing the Aperol and grapefruit juice together, then putting that out in a pitcher or jar with the wine next to it and a cute hand-written sign on how to mix it. If you realllllly want to pre-mix, just use a non-sparkling wine.

Prep: One normal-sized grapefruit makes about one cup (8 oz) of juice. One half ounce of Aperol plus two ounces of juice and wine each makes one martini-glass sized cocktail.

Recipe originally from here.

1 part Aperol
4 parts grapefruit juice
4 parts dry sparkling white wine, like Prosecco or Cava

Mix together Aperol and grapefruit juice with ice. (For small batches, use a cocktail shaker, for large batches use, well, something larger.)

Strain to remove the ice. Either stir in the wine and drink, or set the grapefruit and Aperol mixture aside to be combined with wine later.

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