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Roasting, renewed

I remember a time when roasted vegetables seemed revolutionary to me. Vegetable, fat, hot hot heat -> delicious, easy, slightly caramelized edges. What a trick, to have something so amazing from so little effort. At this point, kale chips were all the rage across food blogs, so I think maybe other people shared my wonder at the power of roasting.

These days, as an audience, we’re a little bit more picky. Roasted produce is great for weeknight dinners, but we’ve shaken the magic off of them. The illusion has been revealed. But that bugs me, because there’s still so much potential there, for a dish that’s easy and cheap, but tastes complicated and expensive, which is the holy grail of self-catered weddings as far as I’m concerned.

Roasted cauliflower with garlic, olives, and harissa cream. https://theselfcateredwedding.wordpress.com/ Continue reading

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Grapefruit and Aperol

I’m a bit writer’s blocked today. I think it might be the cocktail I want to tell you about. It’s like when I’m trying to write a cover letter for a job I really, really want, and instead of having anything productive to say, I just want to type “I LOVE YOU PLEASE HIRE ME I’M GREAT I PROMISE” and send that in.

So it’s a little like that, but in this scenario, this drink is the job, and you’re the interviewer. (It could get worse than peddling craft cocktails.) For a wedding, yes, this cocktail is a bit of a hard sell. You need good-quality grapefruit juice, so you might need two things: 1) a juicer and 2) for grapefruits to be in season. The good news: you could probably make this with a tasty juice from the store (maybe this). And grapefruit juice freezes beautifully. And it’s so good that I promise you, juicing 60 grapefruits will only make you feel a little full of rage. Which the cocktail sampling will make up for.


Pamplemousse cocktail @ https://theselfcateredwedding.wordpress.com/

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Summer squash and ricotta tarts

This blog came about because I’m going to be testing out some recipes for my own wedding, this August, and I figured, why not post some of those here, for other people to benefit from, as well?

I’m trying out a variety of techniques, to see how foods stand up to various indignities, such as being frozen, refrigerated, and left out at room temperature for a while. I don’t have all the results yet, but I’ll be checking back in on my frozen foods in a few weeks, and I’ll update then.

First up are ricotta and summer squash tarts. These are really good. Like really, really good.

summer squash and ricotta tarts @ https://theselfcateredwedding.wordpress.com/ Continue reading

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