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The Self-Catered Wedding


Photo © Flickr user Ismar Badzic

Fact of life: you can find basically anything on the internet. So when I search for something and few results come up, I feel this hipster frisson of delight: I am the very first person who thought of this.

When I googled “self catering your wedding” and nothing came up, though, I felt something that was more like a tingle of frustration. Ok, more like fear. I cried. A lot. (I find that wedding planning brings on a lot of tears.) It probably had something to do with the fact that we’d recently talked to several caterers who had quoted us around $13,000 for 80 people. I respect that this is their business and they need to make a living and that high-quality food is pricey, but damn we do not have that much money to throw at a single meal, even if it is a meal for the people we love most in this world.

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